About Scary Events

Looking for a terrifying haunted house full of creepy ghosts and gory maniacs? What about a ghoulish haunt in your neighbor’s garage or home? Scary-Events.com has you covered with the largest database of active haunted attractions in the whole world. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of Halloween events or still mustering up the courage to go to your first haunted house, you’ll find all of the scares, jumps, and bumps in the night that you need to enjoy the holiday season.

So this Halloween, don’t lay around on the couch like a zombie waiting for the scares to come to your door – hop on our site and find a haunted attraction near you in minutes!

And if you have a Halloween or horror house of your own, take advantage of the opportunity to have your frightening production listed on Scary-Events.com. Registering and updating your haunt is simple and we’ll never ask you for a single penny. Keep on haunting in the free world!

Are you the owner of an event that is listed on this site? Follow these simple instructions to gain access to edit it…

  1. Register on the site, it’s free and easy.
  2. Contact us and let us know which Event is yours and we will assign it to your new account.


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