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Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery

Prepare for a delightfully creepy journey down the eerie exhibit halls as you discover characters from the darker side of cinema. Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Demons, Witches, Madmen (and women), and all things that go bump in the night are all represented here by lifesized reproductions made by Hollywood Special Effects Artists. Creative genius is celebrated here in it’s full capacity as we present you a with a museum sure to tap into your sense of wonder. As one of the top attractions in Salem on Tripadvisor.com, we pride ourselves on the hard work that goes into making the museum new and different each year. If you’ve never been and love the darker side of things, do visit and if you’ve been, do come again and see all the changes we’ve made. October weekend evenings we present the “Mr. Hyde” to our normal “Dr. Jeckyll” museum experience. The “Mr. Hyde” is Salem’s scariest, most interactive and most professional haunted house. See our calendar for this and other October events to plan your trip!

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Event Type
Professional Haunt
Dates and Hours of Operation
Open March through November. See Calendar on site for details.
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