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Deadview Cemetery Florida

A cemetery created for the young ones and the young at heart. This cemetery is located at a home in the Arlington area of Jacksonville, Florida. The entire front yard has tombstones, thunder and lightening along with moving animation and lots of fog. Walk through the the entry way to Deadview Cemetery but watch out for the crows on top, the ghoul who hangs out above or Mr. Pumpkin. Be greeted by ground breakers, flying ghosts and moving skeletons stirring boiling cauldrons. There are fellow trick-or-treaters who rise from the dead or moan to escape the webs of spiders. There is a zombie on the roof and black cats that watch your every move. Hang out and enjoy the music that will “Stir The Soul”. Take you time, don’t rush off, have fun at “Deadview”.

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Event Type
Home Haunt
Dates and Hours of Operation
October 23rd, 24th and 25th. October 30th and 31st. Dusk until 11p.m.
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