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Ghost Boat

They say the witch was here first.

Before the towering cliffs, before the pine forests, before the river cut its deep winding path, the witch stalked the moonlit land. She has haunted the Wisconsin Dells region for untold centuries, and it’s said she sleeps now, deep in her lair — the dark, winding passages of the Witches Gulch.

But Autumn is the season of the witch — and we’re about to discover if the tales are true. Climb aboard for a 1.5-hour adventure as we voyage upriver by night, listening to ghostly tales and legends of the Dells, and embark on an eerie shorelanding into the hidden depths of the Witches Gulch.

Is that a chill wind in the night air, or the breath of the witch as she stirs from her slumber? Join us and find out . . . if you dare.

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Event Type
Professional Haunt
Dates and Hours of Operation
Friday and Saturday nights from Sept. 19th-November 1st. First Boats depart at 6:30 p.m. --then boats leaving (according to the demand that night) until 8:30--call for Reservations (highly recommended)
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