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The Kill On Old Mill

Things just haven’t been quite right here since the elderly pumpkin farmer disappeared. We reckon he shouldn’t have planted his crops so close to the old, run down cemetery. Over the past year the mayhem has spread and claimed even more victims. Will you be next………..

The Kill on Old Mill started many years ago with Halloween revelers visiting our house and peering through the front windows, eager to get a glimpse at the dark and foggy living room graveyard. As years passed, and people’s time on earth expired, we were forced to expand the cemetery into the front yard and garage. We’re not sure if it’s the makeup of the soil, or events stricken from the recorded history of the area, but the growing cemetery seems to have left a calling card for the undead.

More graves seem to have materialized and a strange scarecrow appeared in the dark of night. Is it a scarecrow or the remains of the old pumpkin farmer? Is it someone’s sick joke erecting a scarecrow that resembles decaying human remains? Will the old (slightly deranged) pumpkin farmer be roaming in the shadows of the graveyard this year? Be wary when you visit, as you never know what might pop up. So be sure to pay us a visit and see if you can help us try and control the mayhem at the Old Mill Cemetery.

Contributions of non-perishable people/pet food or monetary donations are greatly appreciated. All donations will be given to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in Lake Zurich and Nina’s Pet Food Pantry, part of Young at Heart Pet Rescue.

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Event Type
Home Haunt
Dates and Hours of Operation
Partial Yard Display: October 9 – 31, Dusk - 10:30pm Full Haunt Operation: October 23, 24, 30 & 31 only, Dusk - 11pm (Weather Permitting)
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