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The House of the Undead

The House of the Undead!

Few people know that the present day Roseburg Elks Lodge sits on the site of a former county mental health hospital Peaceful Souls Asylum.
People were brought by their loving families to receive the psychiatric help they desperately needed.
That is not what happened !

It was rumored that there were experiments carried out on the helpless. Experiments with vaccines and other drugs to “cure” their illness. What went on inside these walls was kept a secret for many years until Friday the 13th of June in 1913 when one of the experimental vaccines went horribly wrong.

From one patient the virus spread to others , many others. Doctors, nurses, patients , employees and visitors were all infected. Somehow the pandemic was contained inside the walls and local authorities decided the best course of action would be to burn the building to the ground and bury the carnage on this very site.

Paranormal activity has been on the increase, which experts predict will peak sometime in mid to late October 2014. It is being said that many tortured souls, caught between life and death, will walk the maze of hallways once again. To feed their brain lust.

Bring Your Fears…We’re Hungry!!!!

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Professional Haunt
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Last three weeks of October/ dates TBA
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